• When it comes to craftsmanship, integrity and quality mean the same thing. I guarantee the quality of my work because the installation is done with integrity – no shortcuts.
  • I am committed to your peace of mind throughout the project.
    • Jobsite will be kept clean and orderly.
    • Material is delivered and staged appropriately.
    • Collateral damage is promptly repaired or replaced at my expense (sprinkler lines, landscaping, etc.)
    • Your property will be respected at all times.
  • At Major woodcraft, every customer is a long-term asset. I value repeat business – whether it’s a new project or maintaining an old installation. A reputable and sustainable business is built one customer at a time.
    • Warranty issues will be handled promptly and thoroughly. I value my past customers just as much as my prospective customers.
    • Whenever possible, I recommend/install material that carries a lifetime warranty.