• I honor my quoted price, regardless of challenges that might develop. You have financial obligations outside of this project, and I respect that. It is my responsibility to present an accurate and reliable bid.
  • If your design goals change mid-project, we’ll discuss options and additional cost before moving forward.
  • I am flexible with billing. Each job is different, but I typically collect a deposit that covers material cost. I value your peace of mind, so I won’t collect the balance until the project is complete. On smaller jobs, I usually provide material upfront to simplify the billing process.
  • I stay competitive by reducing the cost of overhead, not quality.
    • I minimize material waste through accuracy – with ordering and installation.
    • Advertising for Major Woodcraft is almost entirely word-of-mouth.
    • Like most fence companies, Major Woodcraft owns heavy equipment – I offset that cost by renting equipment and trailers to other contractors when not in use.
    • My approach to design and sales helps eliminate rework – it’s done right the first time.